MB6IEA – Startup and testing – Now MB6EA

Today I received notification that Yaesu had changed the call sign on my HRI-200 to MB6IEA.

Time then to start and test the new gateway

First I changed the call sign and room name for the HRI-200. The system checks with Yaesu prior to enabling the change. Then I added the assigned frequency 434.475Mhz and set the radio to narrow FM.

Next step was to reload the radio into HRI mode and restarted the wires x software.

Next step was to try and connect. I used my FT2D programmed for the new frequency and connected to the MB6IEA-GW node. So far so good

Next I tried to connect to the node room, MB6IEA-ROOM, whcih also worked.

I used my FT-991 to check the bandwidth transmitted by the gateway, which looked fine.

So then updated the status on UKRepeater.net to first start and the gateway is now operational


Note change of ID to MB6EA following changes to licensing in the UK in 2024

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