MB6IEA – Startup and testing

Today I received notification that Yaesu had changed the call sign on my HRI-200 to MB6IEA.

Time then to start and test the new gateway

First I changed the call sign and room name for the HRI-200. The system checks with Yaesu prior to enabling the change. Then I added the assigned frequency 434.475Mhz and set the radio to narrow FM.

Next step was to reload the radio into HRI mode and restarted the wires x software.

Next step was to try and connect. I used my FT2D programmed for the new frequency and connected to the MB6IEA-GW node. So far so good

Next I tried to connect to the node room, MB6IEA-ROOM, whcih also worked.

I used my FT-991 to check the bandwidth transmitted by the gateway, which looked fine.

So then updated the status on UKRepeater.net to first start and the gateway is now operational

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