Wires-X internet gateway – MB6IEA

I have decided to change the use I make of my FTM-400 and the linked HRI-200. Up to now the FTM-400 was used to drive a dummy load on low power (5 watts) and provided my FT-991 and FT2D with access to Wires-x. This worked reasonably well but had a number of drawbacks, mainly that there was no antenna on the FTM-400 and it could not be used for other purposes when not in use with Wires-X.

So, a few weeks ago i obtained a Moonraker WTZ 270 antenna. This was picked specifically because it has no gain, because the flexible wires making up the transmission parts are very thin and would not be too noticeable put up on the back wall of my garage. It does, however need to put on a non-metallic pole. 

It took a while to find some small fibreglass poles but I eventually used some 24inch interconnecting poles from Ebay. In the end I only used 2 of the 5 poles and whilst the antenna is only 3 metres above ground level my QTH is around 110 meters above sea level.

The next step was to arrange an Notice of Variation(NOV) through the UKRepeater.net website. This was surprisingly fast, as having submitted the form online on the 5th and, answering a few questions from the very helpful person reviewing it, I now have my NOV.

This enables me to setup the gateway with a limitation of a maximum ERP 3.2dBW, running up to 8 hours per day. I have to be present when it is running. 

The next step is to get the call sign registered on the HRI-200 with Yaesu, which may take a day or so and then I can move onto testing the gateway!



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