Welcome to http://m0jow.com

Hi, My name is Dave Hamilton

In 2021 I decided that I would follow up on my interest in radio with an Amateur radio qualification. I have marine radio experience both on HF and VHF and am an experienced sailor.

I completed a Foundation course with my local radio club, Newbury and District Radio Society ( Https://Nadars.org.uk/) and passed the online Foundation exam in March 2021. Call sign M7BRS.

I then booked the Intermediate exam with the RSGB and managed to pass that exam towards the end of March 2021. My new call sign was 2E0GZW

It took a little while longer to get through the full exam and I passed that in April 2021 and was allocated the call sign M0JOW

This site will document some of the things I have found useful in Amateur Radio.

I hope you find some of it useful.

I currently run:

Wires-X gateway MB6IEA(77555) from my QTH in Newbury on 434.475 GM00 with room id MB6IEA-ROOM(87555). The gateway is available most days but cannot be 24×7 due to licensing constraints

YSF reflector GB-M0JOW ( YSF number 05735, YSF2DMR TG05735, DMR2YSF TG7005735 )

DMR ID 2340917

M0JOW Wires-X 78025