UHF Repeater / Gateway project

My latest project, after setting the MB6IEA gateway, will be to try setting up a UHF repeater. Last year I obtained a number of Motorola GM350 UHF radios in a couple of old rack mount units that had been used as some form of repeater. 

The radios are working and appear to be linked to a control board, with an external interface, Having done a little research I found an USB based STM32DVM board made by Scott Zimmerman ( web site https://www.repeater-builder.com/products/stm32-dvm.html ). Scotts’ boards provide Multi Mode Digital Voice Modem facilities that support the MMDVMHost software. This supports D-STAR, YSF, DMR and other protocols. I bought the USB version of the board in order to interface it via a linux computer to the internet.

IMG 1490



















Not quite sure the final aim of this project is at present  is but will post further updates as I get further into it.

The first stage is reprogramming the Motorola and then interfacing them to the board and software. It has taken me a while to get the programming software and cables and hopefully not to much longer to get it actually working. The joys of working with 20 year old radios and software that only runs on Windows 98!

IMG 1489